New York City Walkability Analysis

1. General Overview

Walking is not only a traveling option but a way of life. “America’s most walkable cities are also among America’s most sustainable cities, its healthiest and most prosperous communities and its happiest places.” With fewer energy consuming, less pollution, people got better access to various facilities and more open space.

Recently, “America Walks has updated its list of America’s Most Walkable Cities.” New York City’s Walk Score is an“impressive 85 out of 100, with 90% of its neighborhoods ranking highly for walkability.” This report starts from a general overview of the existing condition of walkability in New York City, and then zoom in to a small scale to further explore what elements and how they contribute to the walking environment.context map

Land Use
1201_FinalProject_Population_Density-YaowenShi copy
The Population Density reaches the highest in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, highest reaches to 199112.5 people per square miles.

Population Density (p/mile²)

Transit Frequency: The most frequent transit happens mainly in Brooklyn and Manhattan from 6 am to 8 pm.



General Transportation Structure


Bike Path and Racks Serving Area


Public Transit Access

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